The object “Take Away”

Amber, iron oxide,
epoxy resin,
sand, disposable package,
wooden sticks.

13 x 13 x 17 cm.

2011–2013 m.

Popular and quick pie “Lazy Pie“:

2 packs of cookies “Little Rooster” (amber will do), 100 g butter (epoxide resin will suit), a can of condensed milk (sand), 5 spoons of cocoa (iron oxide). Wait until it gels. Taken away in a disposable package and with wooden sticks

The primary variant was created for the 4th international amber biennial-contest
“Алатырь-2011“. Kaliningrad (diploma granted in the nomination “Novelty“).
The modified object exhibited in the international conceptual jewellery exhibition “Amber in Conceptual Jewellery“. Riga